Senior Citizen Flights

Traveling is a joy that knows no age limit. Many senior citizens are eager to travel the world and make the most of their golden years. Flystates Travel offers old citizen flight booking at discounted rates to encourage and support them.

How To Avail Senior Citizen Discount On  Flystates Travel Flights?

The senior citizen discount on  Flystates Travel  flights is a special offer that varies from airline to airline. The typical requirement is that the traveler must be above 60 and present a valid government-issued ID proof with their date of birth at check-in time. Senior citizens receive discounts ranging from five to sixty per cent of the base fare, depending on the airline's policy. However, senior citizens have to pay the regular fees and taxes applicable to the flight. Some airlines may also provide extra benefits like complimentary meals, preferred seating, priority check-in, etc., to senior citizens. These can be checked at the time of booking.

How To Book Senior Citizen Flight Tickets With Flystates Travel?

Booking senior citizen flight tickets is easy and convenient. You can follow these steps:

  1. Enter your origin and destination cities, travel dates, number of passengers, and class of travel on Flystates Travel.
  1. Click "More Options" and select "Senior Citizen" from the drop-down menu.
  1. Click on the Search bar to see a list of flights with the senior citizen discount applied.
  1. Choose the flight that suits your preference and budget and click "Book Now".
  1. Enter your details, contact information, and payment details and confirm your booking.
  1. You will receive your e-ticket and itinerary via email and phone.

Flystates Travel offers the best deals and discounts on senior citizen flight booking. You can also evaluate the prices and services of different airlines and choose the one that meets your expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Book your senior flight tickets at Flystates Travel today and enjoy your travel with peace of mind.

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