The Regata Storica

"Voga alla Veneta" has a yearly event called the Regata Storica. It is a remarkable sport practiced for millennia in the Venetian lagoon and recognized for its breathtaking historical water spectacle. Every year, on the first Sunday in September, Venice hosts the Historical Regatta, a historical reenactment and sporting event. 

The Regata Storica 2023 will occur in Venice on Sunday, September 3, 2023. The race has two phases: the Historical Parade and the Competitive Regattas. The Doge, the Doge's wife, and all the highest-ranking Venetian officials are carried around the Grand Canal in a procession of exquisitely decorated boats by gondoliers dressed in historical garb. The Competitive Regattas are a series of four races divided by category and boat type. 

History of Regata Storica Venice

The earliest historical mention of the occasion occurred at the "Festa delle Marie" celebrations in the middle of the thirteenth century. Regattas, however, probably existed before this because Venice has always been a nautical city, and developing boatmen reserves was a top priority.

The first rowing competition originated in Venice in the thirteenth century, and they have continued to do so ever since. Since 1825, the Regata Storica has served as the yearly test of strength and skill for the city's master rowers and gondoliers.

The Historical Parade is a colorful and festive procession of traditional Venetian boats dating back to the 16th century. These Venetian decorated boats with flags, banners, and flowers, and the rowers represent in historical costumes. The parade is a great way to experience the history and culture of Venice.

What will the prize be for winning Regata Storica?

The prize for the winners is glory and a reward in cash. The most coveted award is the flags: blue for the 4° classified (on which once appeared the piglet to indicate a low speed), green for the classified thirds, white for the second, and red for the winners.

The Competitive Regattas are the main event of the day. The races will be in various boat classes, including gondolas, sandals, and macarons. The winners of the races have considered to be the best rowers in Venice.

The Regata Storica is a popular event, and it attracts thousands of spectators from all over the world. If you plan a trip to Venice in September, put the Regata Storica on your list of things to do.

Here are some additional information about the Regata Storica

  1. The event was first held in 1315, making it one of the oldest sporting events in the world.
  1. The Historical Parade features over 100 boats, and the Competitive Regattas feature over 1,000 rowers.
  1. The Regata Storica is a UNESCO-recognized intangible cultural heritage.
  1. If you want to watch the Regata Storica, you can visit a few places. The best place to see the 
  1. The historical Parade is along the Grand Canal. The best place to see the Competitive Regattas is at the finish line, which is near the Rialto Bridge.
  1. You can also watch the Regata Storica on TV. The event is broadcast live on Rai 2 in Italy.

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