Celebration of Naga Culture

The Hornbill Festival is celebrated annually in Nagaland in Northeastern India. The Festivals celebration in Nagaland is a tribute to the diverse ethnic groups that comprise the region.

The Hornbill Festival, put on by the Department of State Tourism and the Department of Art & Culture, offers a variety of cultural performances all under one roof. This festival usually occurs between 1 and 10 December yearly, mainly in Kohima District. The Kisama Heritage Village, about 12 kilometers from Kohima in the Kohima District's Southern Angami area, is the primary venue for the Hornbill Festival. 

All of Nagaland's ethnic groups participate in this celebration. The Hornbill Festival is a yearly celebration of Nagaland's culture that features folk dances, traditional music, regional cuisine, handicrafts, art workshops, and more to highlight the rich and varied Naga heritage. The festival is called the 'Festival of All Festivals' and is a powerful expression of Naga culture through great traditional performances. The Hornbill Festival aims to foster interaction among various tribes and unity among diverse cultures. 

The State Government of Nagaland established and commissioned the Naga Heritage Village. The Heritage Village is on the slopes of a hill between Kigwema and Phesama Villages in the Kohima District of the Indian state of Nagaland. The Village also has a museum showcasing Nagaland's rich cultural heritage. Experience the enthralling realm of Nagaland's rich cultural heritage with this beautiful opportunity. The Indian hornbill bird, which appears in local folklore all around the state, is the inspiration for the festival's name. 

Activities Included In Festival

Some of the essential activities of the Hornbill Festival are listed below:

  1. Cultural performances: The Hornbill Festival is a showcase of the rich cultural heritage of Nagaland. There are traditional dances, music, and performances from all the different tribes of Nagaland.
  1. Handicrafts and food stalls: The festival has many handicrafts. You can buy traditional Naga handicrafts, such as bamboo baskets, wood carvings, and jewelry. There are also stalls selling Naga food, such as pork, rice, and chilies.
  1. Nature walks: The Kisama Heritage Village is in a beautiful setting. Nature walks are available where you can see the local flora and fauna.
  1. Rock music concert: The Hornbill Festival also has a rock concert. Seeing some of the best Naga rock bands perform is a great opportunity.
  1. Other events: There are also several other events held during the Hornbill Festival, such as a beauty pageant, a fashion show, and a sporting event.

How to attend Hornbill Festival in 2023?

To attend the Hornbill Festival 2023, you must purchase entry tickets. The rate is in the 20–30 INR range. To visit this district as an international traveler, you must register with the FRO (Foreigners Registration Office). However, if you are a domestic tourist, you must obtain inner-line authorization from the local government to explore this beautiful area. 

The Hornbill Festival Schedule is as follows- 



9: 00 am

As the day breaks, crowds flock to the festival grounds to witness the grandeur of the Hornbill Festival.


Everyone indulges in mouthwatering foods and cuisines around midday. The participants pause for a moment to enjoy the delicious food.


2:00 pm

This time of the day is reserved for traditional games and sports.

4:00 pm

The evening session begins with more cultural performances and competitions.

7:00 pm

The night session begins with more cultural performances and competitions. 

Here are some tips for attending the Hornbill Festival-

  1. Take advantage of this trendy festival! Book your flights in advance to avoid any potential flight shortages. You will want to experience all the exciting activities and attractions available, so take advantage of this fantastic event.
  1. Bring sunscreen and a hat, as the weather can be hot during the day.
  1. Be prepared for rain, as the weather can be unpredictable.
  1. Bring a camera, as you will want to capture all the memories of the festival.
  1. The Hornbill Festival is a truly unique experience. 

The Hornbill Festival is not just a celebration; it's a transformative experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Naga culture, forging unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships.

So, dear travelers and culture enthusiasts, gear up to witness the spectacle of a lifetime at the Hornbill Festival. Embrace the warmth of Naga hospitality, dance to the rhythms of ancient rituals, and celebrate unity, diversity, and human spirit. Be a part of this extraordinary journey, and let the magic of the Hornbill Festival capture your heart forever.

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