35th Annual Black Family Reunion

The 35th Annual Black Family Reunion is a four-day celebration of Black culture and history in Cincinnati, Ohio. The event is free and open to the public, and it features a variety of activities for all ages, including a job fair, a parade, concerts, and a variety of workshops and speakers.

The Black Family Reunion was founded in 1988 by community leaders who wanted to create a space where Black families could celebrate their heritage and culture. The event has grown every year since then, and it is now one of the largest Black family reunions in the country.

The 35th Annual Black Family Reunion will occur from August 17 to August 20, 2023. The event will be held at various locations throughout Cincinnati, including Fountain Square, Corinthian Baptist Church, Avondale, and Sawyer Point. This year's reunion theme is "Celebrating Our Roots and Branches", honoring Black families' past, present, and future in America. In 2023, the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) will host the 35th Annual Black Family Reunion in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Various Activities in Black Family Reunion

The reunion will feature various activities, events, and entertainment for all ages and interests. Some of the highlights include

  1. A family history and genealogy workshop, where participants can learn how to trace their ancestry, discover their family stories, and connect with distant relatives.
  1. A cultural museum or historical site tour, where participants can explore Black Americans' rich heritage and legacy in Cincinnati and beyond.
  1. A family talent show or open mic night, where participants can showcase their artistic skills and talents, such as music, poetry, comedy, or dance.
  1. A family trivia game or scavenger hunt, where participants can test their knowledge of Black history, culture, and trivia and compete for prizes.
  1. A family cookout or picnic, where participants can enjoy traditional dishes and recipes from various regions and cultures of the Black diaspora.
  1. A family worship service or prayer session, where participants can express their faith and spirituality in various ways, such as singing, reading scriptures, or meditating.
  1. A family awards ceremony or banquet, where participants can recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of their family members in various fields, such as education, business, sports, or community service.

Schedule of the events in 2023

Here is a schedule of the events that will be during the 35th Annual Black Family Reunion:

Thursday, August 17

11 am-3 pm: Superior Career Fairs Presents 2023 BFR Job Fair

7 pm-9 pm: Heritage Breakfast with Keynote Speaker Joe Mallory

Friday, August 18

9 am-11 am: Black History Tour

11 am-1 pm: Family Fun Zone

1 pm-5 pm: Health Fair

7 pm-9 pm: Gospel Concert with Headliner Donald Lawrence

Saturday, August 19

10 am-1 pm: Family Fun Zone

1 pm-5 pm: Black Business Expo

7 pm-9 pm: Urban Concert with Headliner Kelly Price

Sunday, August 20

12 pm-8 pm: Family Fun Zone

2 pm-4 pm: Children's Fashion Show

4 pm-6 pm: Closing Ceremony

The 35th Annual Black Family Reunion is an excellent opportunity for Black families to come together and celebrate their heritage and culture. The event is free and open to the public, so there is no excuse not to attend.

Other Activities

In addition to the events listed above, various other activities and vendors will be at the 35th Annual Black Family Reunion. Some of the available activities include:

  1. Arts and crafts
  1. Dance performances
  1. Food vendors
  1. Health screenings
  1. Kids' activities
  1. Live music
  1. Vendors selling Black-owned products

The 35th Annual Black Family Reunion is a great way to learn about Black history and culture and an excellent opportunity to network with other Black families. If you want a fun and educational event to attend this summer, check out the 35th Annual Black Family Reunion in Cincinnati.

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